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York awarded Berkley Conservation Award again

The York Bassmasters were proud and honoured to win the 2010 Berkley Conservation Institute Award. It is York’s second award, as we won it in 2007 as well.

This award was the result of the dedication and hard work of our club members who strapped on their boots, rolled up their sleeves and put in many hours of work to getter done!

Our conservation project (as a partner with Bogart Creek Restoration Committee) is to restore Bogart Creek to its original splendour as a cold water stream running into the Holland River, and subsequently Lake Simcoe. It is a multi year project assisting the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. Aside from clearing garbage, planting over 300 trees and shrubs we also have done fish sampling and a live release transfer of largemouth bass.

I had the honour to personally accept the award at the B.A.S.S. Conservation Summit in Shreveport Louisiana. The summit was filled with 3 days of conservation workshops that I attended with OBN Conservation Director Jason Barnucz. We had a great time, learned alot and seeing the Classic weigh in every day was awesome!

In speaking with the US State CDs at the Classic, Jason and I were shocked at how far behind they are in establishing conservation projects. Many state chapters had no CDs at all!

It is great to see the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation leading the way, we should ALL be proud. Ontario has won the award more than any other state.

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