Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation wishes to welcome Anthony Dube as its new Youth Director

Please help us welcome Anthony Dube as the new OBN Youth Director! Welcome aboard Anthony!
Here is a little info/bio of what Anthony brings to the Ontario B.A.S.S Nation!
Education Certifications
Theology, Digital Marketing
Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Sports Marketing, Aquaculture and Immigration Law
AOY – 2016 – (Toronto Bassmasters)
AOY – 2017 – (York Bassmasters)
2018 – Member of the year award (York Bassmasters)
Team Ontario – 2018 & 2021
Sport and Gym Coach – 3 years (Zimbabwe)
Business owner – 21 years (Zimbabwe and Canada)
Youth and Lead Pastor – 14 years (Zimbabwe and Canada)
Immigration Consultant – RCIC Designation – 2 years (Canada)
Host of the Fishing Sponsorship Summit – 1 year
Vice President – York Bassmasters – 3 years
Assistant Youth Director – York Bassmasters – 4 years
Special Mention/Goals/Me
Huge thank you to @Curtis Cronkwright for his sacrifice to the OBN Youth during the hardest time in global history (Covid). He kept the flame alive and made my transition easier. I now get to help build from a place of promise and positivity! As a father of 4 kids, I have a vested interest in the future of our sport. That is what I bring to the table. My Raison Dêtre!
I am yet to meet many of you, but here’s a story to keep you going until then. I’m a bass head through and through. I was at boarding school for 6 years in Zimbabwe and my Dad didn’t like the idea of me fishing at school…I wonder why he would think that? It’s not like I would be distracted or anything like that. My school had a private pond stocked with Bass and I previously had my feelings hurt by a 5lber using a makeshift survivor style fishing rod…it was basically a handline with a Texas rig. I was determined to get even.
Anyway, the morning before catching the bus back to school my Dad was going to give me a ride to the bus station with my school trunk….Problem..How was I going to smuggle my rod out of the house and into the car without my Dad seeing it?…..My two piece Shimano rod just wouldn’t fit diagonally inside….I had to think fast….Brainwave….So I decided to break up the rod, tape the two pieces together and slip the rod down the side of the leg of my school pants and into my shoe.
Eureka it worked. Part two, walk normally and sit in the car. That was easier said than done. Unable to bend my knee, I walked like I had a leg brace on. Anyway, blinded by my need to get even with that 5lber I carried on. I got into the car and avoided eye contact with my Dad. He never did say anything to me. However, to this day I am convinced my Dad knew exactly what I was up to As for that 5lber, I never did get even. I’m still hurt. But hey, that’s fishing sometimes.
For any Youth related enquires, Anthony can be reached at:
Cell: 647-949-5507
E-Mail: youth@ontariobass.com


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