How can an Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation Chapter start a Conservation Project?


Find a partner.

Many successful OBN Conservation Chapters have had great success with Conservation Projects by partnering with a government agency or another non-government group.


Conservation Authorities

Conservation Ontario

Many recent successful OBN Conservation Projects have been successful by partnering with a local Conservation Authority. There are 36 Conservation Authorities located across Ontario. Conservation Authorities are excellent partners when it comes to conservation stewardship projects. This success comes from CA’s having excellent local expertise (engineers, biologist, planners, etc.) and can help navigate the approval process to implement projects. Often CA’s have many local projects underway or on the shelf that only require a group to come forward and help put shovels in the ground! If you are looking to find a Conservation Authority near your chapter use this link.

Ontario Streams: Adopt a Stream Program

Our Adopt-A-Stream Program is a public outreach program used to encourage local community participation in ecological restoration activities, while at the same time instilling a life-long sense of stewardship towards the environment in the participants. As part of this program, Adopt-A-Stream groups sign on to “adopt” a section of a stream, riparian area or wetland and to care for this space as part of a long-term commitment. Participants are lead through the steps required to develop small-scale community stewardship projects and they volunteer their time to implement the work. The Adopt-A-Stream Program provides community members and volunteers a chance to be actively involved in environmental efforts in their community. For more information check the Ontario Streams website (Source:

Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited Canada - Canada's leading coldwater conservation organization.

The mission of Trout Unlimited Canada is to conserve, protect, and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their cold water resources. How does this help Ontario B.A.S.S. Chapters? Most of our cold water streams are the feeders systems for our local lakes and eventually the Great Lakes. Helping to restore or enhance coldwater streams can have many great positive impacts to the waterways where we love to fish for bass and helping to conserve these resources for future generations. Feel free to reach out to Trout Unlimited to find a local chapter to team up with here:

Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Program

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This program is operated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Through the Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Program (LSHRP), you can get up to $20,000 in matching funds for a project that maintains or restores habitats that benefit fish, animals and/or plants. For more information about this program check this link:



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