Lake Nipissing a hot spot for Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation Qualifier

 by: Linda Holmes, Bay Today (

‘The community response has been excellent. It’s been great. They’ve been very receptive to us. It would be nice if every city would respond the way North Bay has’ Ontario B.A.S.S Nation President, Dave Spence.

Terry Monaghan spent the past five days on Lake Nipissing, trying to get a feel for the lake leading up to the 2018 Ontario B.A.S.S Nation Provincial Qualifier hosted by North Bay Bassmasters.

On Saturday, day one of the Hank Gibson Provincial Qualifier, he managed to catch his five fish limit.

“That’s good, but not a great weight. The fishing was tough all week, so I got what I expected to get,” said Monaghan.

“It’s actually a bigger lake than what it looks like, so there’s a lot of water to cover. I think the local guys will have an advantage because they’ll know where to start. When someone who has never fished the lake comes here, you don’t know where to begin, so you have to start pecking away.“

His strategy for Sunday during day two of the competition is to head back to where he left off, and go from there.

Gord Collins from Lindsay, Ontario wasn’t so lucky, reeling in two small fish.

“The conditions weren’t too bad most of the day, but I just couldn’t find any good size fish,” laughed Collins.

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