Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation wishes to welcome Zachary White as its new Conservation Director

Here is a little info of what Zac brings to the Ontario B.A.S.S Nation:

Ecosystem Management Technician Diploma – Fleming College
Ecosystem Management Technologist Diploma – Fleming College
Environmental Technician Diploma – Fleming College
Bsc. in Environmental Resource Management – Trent University
MNRF – 6 years working in, Research and development, Species at risk and the Peterborough stewardship council
OFAH – 2 years of work in the community stream stewardship program
Water Treatment Operator – 6 years
Hastings Bassmaters Club President
Sitting on the FMU 17 council representing fishermen and anglers.
Teach and volunteer with various youth groups ie, scouting, about fishing, aquatic ecology and habitat restoration.

The main goal for me is to develop better fish management and care procedures for the OBN. Including an evidence-based approach to better support our clubs and members for fish care. Not to say we don’t have good care but to have a better standard for it and support for education to maintain it. Especially at our biggest and most publicly viewed event, the Hank Gibson Provincial Qualifier. Hopefully, developing an Organization-wide standard operating procedure document for all levels.

Contact Information:
Zachary White



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